Folder Display

Latest Version 1.9 is ready for download


  • 64-bit Microsoft Windows version 7 or higher
  • Microsoft Office 2007 or greater for viewing PowerPoint Files
  • Recommended – 64-bit VLC Media Player
  • Computer to have a built in sound device, sound card or HDMI sound device

New Features:

  • Can use the VLC Media Player as an alternate to the built in player.
  • Support for PowerPoint (experimental) currently can only display first slide.
  • ForceFocus option added in config.ini, forces the folderdisplay to send itself to the front if another application has appeared in front of it.
  • More resource efficient, compiled in a more recent compiler suitable for Windows 10

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where videos playing for more than 10 seconds would be cut short
  • Fixed an issue where error.log was not being created if the file didn’t already exist in the folder.

Popular Issue:

  • When loading, you get a dialogue box that states “A call to an OS function failed”.. Followed by a partial Folder Display Screen that you may have difficulty closing. This is happening because there was no sound device detected by Windows on your PC. You need to install one, or a HDMI device capable of accepting sound – eg if you have a HDMI to VGA adapter, make sure it has a sound included. – Plan to fix this in future versions


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